I don’t get what all these “vegan privilege” posts are trying to tell us.

Let me explain to you, how it could never actually be possible for veganism to be a privilege:

1.We live on this wonderful planet called Earth, and Earth gave us plants that we can eat and that can be found everywhere (except for the desert, but I assume that no one uses tumblr in the desert either, and the desert isn’t a place where humans would naturally live anyway). It is the most natural way of living and the least privileged way of eating, when we eat what Earth gives us naturally.
In order to consume animal products in masses, like the non-vegan world does at the moment, we would firstly have to feed animals the plant resourses that are given to us and which we could eat and live off instead. But as most of the consumers demand meat, most of the crops and the water, that could be used to grow precious plants and feed masses of people, end up being wasted, for just a few pounds of meat.

2. “But fruits and vegetables are so expensive”:
Even the poorest people in the world, mostly eat only plants (or roadkill and meat that they’ve killed themselves, which they obviously didn’t pay for). So how can it be possible, that fruits and veggies are expensive?
You can buy a sack of rice and live months from it, you can buy a great variety of fruits and veggies and always eat healthy and fresh while spending a lot less than any meateater ever would. It just depends on the shops where you buy your food from and if it’s organic or not. If you buy organic meat it actually is a lot more expensive than non-organic meat or other animal products. So are fruits and veggies. And how much fast food meat products do you actually have to eat to feel full? By the time you’ll feel full by eating meat fast food products, you’d have already spend a lot of money. So I’d much rather prefer my cheap pound of potatoes.

2. “White vegan privilege”:
So people who are apperently anti-racism, recently started to use this term called “white vegan privilege”. Now let me explain to you how this statement is actually racist and disgracing. If you’re saying that only white people can buy vegan food, because it is so expensive (which is not true, if you’ve read point 1 & 2), then you’re automatically saying that people of every other skin color, don’t have enough money to buy vegan food. So they must be poor. So you’re anti-racism? …oh well